Julia Capozzi and MTM Chelsea 98 Strike Gold in USHJA Child/Adult 1.0/1.05m Individual Jumper Championship for Zones 5 and 6

Wayne, Ill.— July 15 , 2023 — HITS Chicago witnessed an exciting showcase of talent and determination as the USHJA Child/Adult 1.0/1.05m Individual Jumper Championship for Zones 5 and 6 unfolded this morning. With three rounds of intense competition in three days, the event proved to be a pivotal moment for up-and-coming equestrian athletes. The championship culminated with Julia Capozzi and her mount MTM Chelsea 98 seizing the gold medal with clear rounds on all three days, closely followed by Tessa Harper and Expensive Ice earning the silver with a 4-fault total. Erica Levinsky and Cantares rounded out the podium, securing the bronze with a total of 6 faults.

Child/Adult Individual Medalist

“We got Chelsea a year ago from MTM Farm and Dory Douglas. She's scopey with a big stride making her so fun to ride. She has just been perfect!” explained Capozzi. “I thought today’s course was very technical. The time allowed was tight and you really had to gallop through the turns and then balance for the lines that were set quite a bit shorter, so it was truly a test of adjustability.”

Julia Capozzi and MTM Chelsea 98

The significance of this championship cannot be overstated for young riders aiming to make their mark in the equestrian world. As the next generation of athletes, these competitors showcased their dedication, skill, and unwavering passion for the sport. The USHJA Child/Adult 1.0/1.05m Individual Jumper Championship provided a platform for these promising riders to gain valuable experience in a competitive environment.

This championship not only recognizes the individual achievements of these talented riders but also serves as a stepping stone for their future endeavors. It provides a platform for them to gain exposure, build confidence, and showcase their potential to a wider audience. The lessons learned and the experiences gained in competitions of this caliber are invaluable for these up-and-coming equestrian athletes as they continue to progress in their careers.

Tessa Harper and Expensive Ice

“We've been doing really well in this division this whole year so it feels great to end on a good note. HITS made the class feel really special. I come to Lamplight a lot, so it definitely feels like home here, there’s truly no place I rather be!” concluded Capozzi.

The USHJA Child/Adult 1.0/1.05m Individual Jumper Championship for Zones 5 and 6 at HITS Chicago stands as a testament to the passion, hard work, and dedication exhibited by these riders. It serves as a reminder of the promising future that lies ahead for these young equestrians and the excitement they bring to the sport. As the equestrian community celebrates their achievements, it also eagerly anticipates the remarkable journeys that await them in their pursuit of excellence.

Erica Levinsky and Cantares

On Sunday, the Douglas Elliman Grand Prix Stadium will host the week’s highlight event, the $50,000 HITS Grand Prix. Junior and amateur athletes will showcase their skills on Sunday during their respective jumper classics to close out the second week of the horse show.