Del Mar Horsepark Showcases World-Renowned Sculptor Jerome Gastaldi's Masterpieces and Invites Exhibitors to Unleash Their Creativity on Murals

Del Mar - Aug.1-  Del Mar Horsepark, a premier equestrian facility known for hosting exceptional events, is delighted to announce the exclusive display of captivating sculptures by the internationally renowned artist and sculptor, Jerome Gastaldi.

Del Mar Horsepark is honored to present a diverse collection of Gastaldi's sculptures, offering equestrian enthusiasts, art connoisseurs, and the general public a chance to immerse themselves in the wonders of his sculptures. The sculptures, thoughtfully placed around Del Mar Horsepark, complement the natural beauty of the surroundings, elevating the ambiance and creating a harmonious blend of art and nature. 

But the experience doesn't stop there. Del Mar Horsepark invites exhibitors and guests to participate in a truly unique opportunity - an interactive mural project in the vendor area, hosted by the renowned artist's studio, Villa Con Cuore.  

Villa Con Cuore will provide a selection of high-quality materials, and under the guidance of experienced artists, exhibitors can leave their mark, creating a legacy of art that will resonate throughout the equestrian community.

 "We are thrilled to showcase the incredible artistry of Jerome Gastaldi at Del Mar Horsepark," said Dale Harvey, General Manager at Del Mar Horsepark.  “We are also excited to invite exhibitors to participate in the mural project, offering them a unique chance to leave a personal touch on our vibrant equestrian community."

 Del Mar Horsepark encourages all attendees, exhibitors, and art enthusiasts to experience this captivating exhibition firsthand and witness the harmonious blend of equestrian excellence and artistic brilliance.

 “I am excited to have these sculptures showcased at Del Mar Horsepark.” said Jerome Gastaldi. “I  love bringing art to the community, so seeing the exhibitors and the public make their mark on the mural is so special for me and my team. Art is a spark that frees one’s creativity, join us for the fun!”

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