David Cameron and Beijing LS La Silla Speed to $20,000 HITS Open Prix Win at HITS Culpeper

Culpeper, V.A. – August 27, 2023 – Culminating big jumper action at the Constitution Classis of HITS Culpeper was the $20,000 HITS Open Prix where spectators gathered to watch David Cameron and his stallion Beijing LS La Silla blaze to top of the podium standings. Australian native Cameron and his newer mount used going last in the order to their advantage and sped to the finish line nearly two seconds faster than second place to capture the win. Veteran prix winner Tracy Magness finished in second place with Chopin Du Château Hollogne Z, while Cameron’s first mount, Parkmore Rowan, rounded out the top three spots.

“He is just a real quality horse - he can go fast, he can slow down. He is game for everything and real careful, so he is definitely the sort of horse you want to be on for a class like this,” said Cameron.

David Cameron and Beijing LS La Silla. Photo by: Alison Hartwell

Ken Krome set the track for Sunday’s Open Prix course which featured strategically placed rollbacks, a double and triple combination, planks, and numerous bending lines. After going first and clear with Parkmore Rowan, Cameron returned next to last with Beijing LS La Silla who left all the fences up in the time allowed and gave Cameron his second entry for the jump-off track.

“Beijing LS La Silly is a 15-year-old stallion that is actually a client horse who normally rides him - she is back in Australia so I am lucky enough to get the ride on him. He is just an awesome little horse. Laura, the owner, has had him for about three years and just had an awesome run with him in Canada. I am just lucky enough to get the ride on him today,” noted Cameron.

David Cameron and Beijing LS La Silla. Photo by: Alison Hartwell

The shortened track consisted of the middle part of round one - condensing the combination at fence seven to a single fence and making the triple combination at fence nine into a double combination. Cameron and Katherine Standley’s Parkmore Rowan posted another clear round in the jump-off but left the door open for those to follow after finishing in 44.52 seconds. Coming back right after was Magness with her mount, Chopin Du Château Hollogne Z. Magness, a frequent winner of this class, rode this horse to a blazing clear jump-off time of 42.06 seconds.

Tracy Magness and Chopin Du Château Hollogne Z. Photo by: Alison Hartwell

“The other horse I had that went first is an awesome horse as well and my plan with him was just to jump clean and put a little pressure on Tracy. She is just a great professional and went in and went fast like I expected her to do. Then with Beijing I knew I just had to go fast to beat her and luckily I did,” explained Cameron.

Coming back last in the jump-off Cameron and Beijing LS La Silla really had to leave it all out to best Magness and her horse. Speeding around the course and sneaking as tight to jumps as possible, the duo flew to a time of 40.63 seconds - capturing the win of the week.

David Cameron and Parkmore Rowan. Photo by: Alison Hartwell 

In September, riders will return to HITS Commonwealth Park for the Culpeper Finals, scheduled for September 27 – October 1, 2023 - culminating the Culpeper circuit for 2023. For more information visit www.hitsshows.com.