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The Final Count Down: Hunters Try the Wild Card at HITS Saugerties

Saugerties, NY (September 7, 2016): During Week VII at HITS-on-the-Hudson, hunter exhibitors prepared for their final qualifying opportunities for the $500,000 Diamond Mills Hunter Prix and the $250,000 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix taking place this week Friday, September 9 through Sunday, September 11.

$5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix
Week VII’s Devoucoux Hunter Prix served as a Wild Card class for hunter prix hopefuls while thirty horses and riders turned out to join the party. Four of the top five finishers will compete in this weekend’s $500,000 Diamond Mills Hunter Prix for a shot at laying claim to one of the most prestigious victories of the season.

The team to beat was ultimately Cassandra Kahle of Langley, British Columbia, and Fandango HX, owned by Redfield Farm. Kahle has been a consistent competitor in the $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix this season, including a win in the Week V $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix as well as a second place finish in Week V at HITS Culpeper. Kahle placed seventeenth in last year’s $500,000 Diamond Mills Hunter Prix, and will return this weekend for another chance at glory.  

This week at HITS Saugerties, the pair took home the blue ribbon by earning a noteworthy score of 87.5 in the first round, followed by an 88.5 in the second round for a winning total of 176.

Second in the ribbons was Robbie Burroughs of Pompton Plains, New Jersey, aboard Allure, owned by E.K. Equestrian, LLC. They earned a score of 86.5 in the first round, followed by an 84 for a total of 170.5. Burroughs will also take the stage in the $500,000 Diamond Mills Hunter Prix.

Audrey Robison of Oriskany Falls, New York, took home the yellow ribbon and third place prize with Silver Lining. They were awarded scores of 81.5, improving to an 84.5 in the second round to total 166 for their efforts.

Franklin, Massachusetts equestrian David Oliynyk grabbed fourth place with Generous, owned by Lori Gaudet. Oliynyk and Generous have earned multiple Devoucoux Hunter Prix victories. MTM Outbid, owned by MTM Farm, and Tracy Fenney of Flower Mound, Texas, rounded out the top five, taking home the fifth place prize. Both Oliynyk and Fenney will take their place in the order-of-go in the Diamond Mills Hunter Prix this week at the HITS Championship.
Place Horse Owner Rider Prize Rd. 1/2 Total
1 Fandango HX Redfield Farm Cassandra Kahle $1,500 87.5/88.5 176
2 Allure E.K. Equestrian, LLC Robbie Burroughs $1,000 86.5/84 170.5
3 Silver Lining Audrey Robison Audrey Robison $700 81.5/84.5 166
4 Generous Lori Gaudet David Oliynyk $500 83.5/82.5 165.5
5 MTM Outbid MTM Farm Tracy Fenney $400 84.5/80.25 164.75
6 Sunset Hill Jacqueline Thorne Heather Caristo-Williams $350 83/80.5 163.5
7 UpCountry Coco Jamie Stryker Osvaldo Ornia Pacher $275 82/80 162
8 Wild at Heart Jaime Auletto Jaime Auletto $275 80.75/80.5 161.25
(C) ESI Photography 
Cassandra Kahle and Fandango HX on their way to a $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix win.  
(C) ESI Photography 
Cassandra Kahle and Fandango HX winning the $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix pictured with 
Emil Spadone and Chris Mayone. 
$1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix
Nicole Oliynyk of Franklin, Massachusetts, garnered the blue ribbon in Week VII’s $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix at HITS Saugerties. The equestrian and her winning partner, Sea Walker, earned a consistent score of 82 in both rounds with a total of 164 for the victory.

Second in the ribbons was Exclusive owned and ridden by Sydney DeGrazia of Rochester, New York. They earned a first round score of 80.5, improving to an 83 in the second round for a total of 163.5.

Third place went home with Tracie Flicker of Toms River, New Jersey, aboard her own Redford. They were awarded a score of 80 in the first round, improving to an 82.5 in the second round to capture the yellow ribbon prize with a total of 162.5.

Leigh Gallagher of Norwalk, Connecticut, took home fourth place piloting Eternity, owned by Tibri, LLC. Rounding out the top five was Katha Gatto of Clinton Corners, New York, and Hendrix, owned by Ann Weiss Harrison and Shadow Creek.

Three of the top five finishers will flaunt their skill in this week’s $250,000 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix: Nicole Oliynyk, Sydney DeGrazia and Leigh Gallagher.
Place Horse Owner Rider Prize Rd. 1/2 Total
1 Sea Walker Nicole Oliynyk Nicole Oliynyk $450 82/82 164
2 Exclusive Sydney DeGrazia Sydney De Grazia $300 83/80.5 163.5
3 Redford Tracie Glicker Tracie Glicker $200 83/80.5 163.5
4 Eternity Tibri LLC Leigh Gallagher $150 79/77.5 156.5
5 Hendrix Ann Weiss Harrison and Shadow Creek Katha Gatto $125 78/78 156
6 KT Four Seasons Casey Zuraitis Casey Zuraitis $100 85/70 155
7 Quantonius Nicole Peterson Caitlyn Sheffer $100 75/77 152
8 Chanel Sloan Hodges Kimberly Beattie $75 76.5/72 148.5


(C) ESI Photography 
Nicole Oliynyk and Sea Walker on their way to a $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix win. 


(C) ESI Photography 
Nicole Oliynyk and Sea Walker winning the $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix. 
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