On-Site Educational Services - Ocala

Blue Ribbon Scholars, LLC is an educational services program that enables scholar-athlete equestrians to flourish in school and in the competition ring. Accordingly, the Blue Ribbon Scholars mission is to help students achieve their goals academically so they can pursue a bright future in the horse world and beyond. Through programs tailored to each client’s needs, Blue Ribbon Scholars takes tutoring for equestrians to the next level.

“This was a top-notch educational experience for my daughters. They were able to complete their work and stay on track with their classmates at home, and focus on their riding, as well. The girls thoroughly enjoyed their teachers and other students and were sad to leave at the end of the 5 weeks.”

-  Linda Shuford, 4th and 8th grade parent

“I liked that Blue Ribbon Scholars was flexible and I could get help whenever I needed. If I didn't have a lot of work for one course, I could focus where I had more work. In regular school the schedule is more strict which makes it hard to get ahead.”

- Emma, 11th grade student

Contact Mira Serene Korber:  443.257.9549
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Services include:

  • Supervised study hall environment on the horse show grounds
  • Flexible hours for 1:1 subject tutoring on or off the horse show grounds
  • 1:1 SAT/ACT test preparation tutoring
  • 1:1 sessions offered both in-person and remotely
  • Executive functioning coaching and email/resume writing workshop
  • Middle school through college-level students accepted
  • Regular communication with students’ academic institution to keep students on track with assignments
  • Regular communication with parents/guardians regarding student progress, areas of improvement, and areas for improvement
  • Call, text, or email for an initial education program consultation tailored to your needs this winter!
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Contact Mira Serene Korber:  443.257.9549
BlueRibbonScholars.com  |  info@blueribbonscholars.com  |  Facebook  |  Instagram