All information is current and up-to-date as of July 6, 2024: 

At this time, all horses in the isolation tent (Tent 7) have shown only normal clinical signs, including no fevers or nasal discharge. Additionally, no other fevers have been reported on the show grounds.

The group of horses tested on Wednesday, July 3 were negative for streptococcus equi (the bacterial that causes Strangles) using PCR testing. HITS management plans to continue the Isolation of positive and exposed horses at this time with additional testing to be repeated next week in accordance with the current veterinary protocols for management of strangles. 

HITS’ management and show veterinarian have been in regular contact with Dr. Katie Flynn, USEF’s Equine Health and Biosecurity Veterinarian. 

We ask that every barn continue to take the situation seriously and enforce biosecurity measures within their own stable.

  • Take temperatures of all horses twice daily and maintain a log. Temperature logs are available at the horse show office. Horses presenting with a temperature of more than 101.5 degrees F or any signs of respiratory or neurological disease should be reported to the show veterinarian and HITS management immediately.
  • Isolate any horse exhibiting symptoms or illness and report any cases to the show veterinarian and horse show management.  Horses with symptoms will be moved to an on-site isolation area. 
  • We recommend no sharing of equipment between horses including tack, accessories, and feed and water buckets.
  • Handlers should wash hands in between handling horses and maintain proper biosecurity protocols in the barn and at the rings. 
  • Maintain distancing between horses at the ring and in the barn.  No nose-to-nose contact between horses. 

If you have questions,  please contact horse show manager Tom Urban () and updates will be posted on and distributed via email.