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Dynamite Equestrian Laura Chapot Wins the Trifecta in the $15,000 Kindred Bio Jumper Prix

Saugerties, NY (August 1, 2016): The fifth week of competition at HITS-on-the-Hudson continued with Saturday’s $15,000 Kindred Bio Jumper Prix. Thirty riders and horses turned out for a chance to take home the top prize over the course set by Florencio Hernandez of Mexico City.  

Undoubtedly, Laura Chapot of Neshanic Station, New Jersey, has been on fire all season at HITS Saugerties, winning a plethora of Grand Prix and Jumper Prix as well as several more top five finishes. This week, Chapot took home the ultimate trio of colors, the blue, red and yellow ribbons, after laying claim on all top three spots.

“It’s great to have Kindred Bio here sponsoring this class at the horse show,” said Chapot in a nod to one of HITS’ newest sponsors. “It’s with their help that we’re able to have these great classes to show in and for HITS to offer top notch classes.”

Chapot finished first with Umberto, a powerful bay gelding owned by Mary Chapot. Laura also won first and second in the Week I $15,000 Kindred Bio Jumper Prix, with Umberto as her second place mount.

“Umberto is a horse that I’ve had for a while; he’s done really well here [at HITS Saugerties] and he always tries his heart out,” said Chapot. “He’s a fun horse to ride and you can always count on him to give it a go.”

Chapot piloted Shooting Star, also owned by Mary Chapot, to second and earned third place on Out of Ireland, owned by The Edge.

“Shooting Star is a fun for horse for me, he always puts in his best effort; he’s smooth but not normally as quick as other horses, but for a small horse he has a big stride and makes up time by covering the ground,” said Chapot. “Out of Ireland has just been doing great, she’s starting to really come into her own. She’s done a couple of small Grand Prix but has been very consistent in the Welcome classes and the mini prix — we’re excited about her.”

Seventeen moved on to the immediate jump-off with eight going double-clear. The top five all came in within two seconds of each other, making for an exciting battle over the shortened course.

First of those to tackle the jump-off was Chapot and Out of Ireland, they clocked in at 37.713 to take the temporary lead.

Manuel Torres, riding out Waterford, Virginia, was next To give a go at the lead aboard Cruising Altitude, owned by Santa Catalina Farm.  He nearly surpassed Chapot, stopping the clock at 37.800, less than one one-hundredth of a second behind, ultimately giving them the fourth place prize.

Chapot entered again with Shooting Star, powering through the course. An aggressive ride through both of the rollbacks gave them a speedy round in 37.459 to move into the lead.

Chapot and Umberto entered second-to-last in the order. They sped through the course with lightning speed, garnering “oohs and ah’s” from the crowd. As the seconds wound down, they crossed timers in 36.692 for the new lead.

Victoria Birdsall of Topsfield, Massachusetts, was the final entry of the class and with a speedy ride aboard Chanel Z, owned by IIan Ferder, they she hoped to grab the lead. They hustled through the course, executing each rollback with precision, but they would come in at 38.382 for the ultimate fifth place to round out the class.
Place Horse Owner Rider Prize Rd. 1 Faults JO Faults JO Time
1 Umberto Mary Chapot Laura Chapot $4,350 0 0 36.692
2 Shooting Star Mary Chapot Laura Chapot $3,150 0 0 37.459
3 Out Of Ireland The Edge Laura Chapot $2,100 0 0 37.713
4 Cruising Altitude Santa Catalina Farm Manuel Torres $1,400 0 0 37.800
5 Chanel Z Ilan Ferder Victoria Birdsall $1,100 0 0 38.382
6 Super Chilled Debra Wycoff Kevin Babington $800 0 0 39.911
7 Dundee Debra Wycoff Kevin Babington $650 0 0 40.092
8 Exconial Benchmark Stables LLC Adrienne Iverson $550 0 0 41.067
9 Welfare Shalanno Farms LLC Fernando Lozinsky $450 0 4 37.514
10 Zealous Mary Chapot Laura Chapot $450 0 4 37.585
11 Newtown Jumping Jack Thomas Welsh Sarah Scheiring - 0 4 39.245
12 Jacomo Von Rocherath Theodore Boris Theodore Boris - 0 4 39.468


(C) ESI Photography 
Laura Chapot and Umberto on their way to a $15,000 Kindred Bio Jumper Prix win. 
(C) ESI Photography 
Laura Chapot and Umberto winning the $15,000 Kindred Bio Jumper Prix.