With more than 100 years of experience, Purina is the most innovative manufacturer of equine nutrition in America   The feeds Purina produces affords  horse owners dependable, solid and consistent product.  Feeding choices are largely affected by the lifestyle of the horse.  Purina’s premium feeds can accommodate any and all of a horse’s needs.  Today, horses are living substantially longer lives and Purina and its products are proud of the role they have played in this positive development.  How we take care of our horses is a reflection of our love for the animal and the joy they bring us.

The “$100,000 Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix“, is the premier show jumping event at the “HITS-on-the-Hudson Summer Series” in Saugerties, New York.


Jaime Brocket, Purina Animal Nutrition

“HITS national footprint allows Purina to contribute and support equestrians from coast to coast.  Purina’s long time partnership with HITS allows us to provide high quality feed that is unique and specifically designed to bring out the best performance in our equine partners.”