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Specs. - Great American $1 Million Grand Prix – Ocala, Florida

620. GREAT AMERICAN $1 MILLION GRAND PRIX Sunday $3,500 $3,500
Table II.2.a. Time first jump-off. High Performance Standard. Secure Stabling Rules and USEF schooling rules will be in effect. Open to those riders who have qualified based on the Qualifying Criteria – see HITSShows.com for details.

to include
40 riders based on the Great American Million Rider Rankings.
5 additional riders may be chosen at the discretion of management.
Note: Management reserves the right to extend additional discretionary spots if the number of desired riders has not been met by going down the Rider Ranking List.

To be eligible, the rider must compete in at least one Sunday Grand Prix at three HITS Ocala shows (during Holiday I&II or HITS I-IX) prior to the week of the Great American Million.The top 40 qualified riders will be notified and will be given a deadline by which to declare their intent to show. No rider’s spot in the Great American Million will be guaranteed until he/she has officially entered (see Entry Procedure below). If any rider declines, the next rider in the standings will be notified until all 40 slots are filled. In the event that two or more riders are tied for the final qualifying position, all those tied will qualify. The rider may ride only one horse in the Great American Million, but may ride any horse of his/her choice. New for 2019: Riders placing in the top 12 (all ribbon winners) in the $100,000 Ocala Electric Utility Grand Prix at Ocala Winter Festival (Week V) will be eligible to ride two horses in the Great American Million. Riders must declare their "Qualifying" horse and must ride that horse first in the Order-of-go.

All Qualified Riders must be officially entered by 5 pm, Sunday, March 17. Entry Form available in Show Office. Payment must accompany entry. An entry without payment may be declined and the next rider in line will be invited. After 5 pm, Sunday, March 17, entry fee is not refundable under any circumstance.

Horses must purchase a stall on the grounds of HITS Ocala. Horses must be stabled on the grounds beginning Wednesday, March 20 noon, and must declare their stall location to the Show Office. Horses must remain on the grounds until the conclusion of the Great American Million. The Wednesday, noon, March 20 stipulation will be strictly enforced.


The order will be reverse order of the Great American Million Standings. The discretionary spots will be placed first, order to be drawn. Riders with two horses will have their first horse placed next, order to be drawn.

Since it is the rider who is qualified, substitution of horse may be made at any time, but should be made the day before the class if possible. The Substitute Horse must have been stabled on the grounds according to the procedure above, and must follow any other stipulations regarding schooling, lunging, etc. Substitution must be made in the Show Office by completing the Official Class Entry Blank for the new horse.

Any questions or discrepancies not covered herein with regard to qualifying, eligibility or class conditions or specifications with regard to the Great American Million will be decided by Show Management, its decision to be final.

Prize Money:  
Awarded 1-20

1 - $350,000        5 - $75,000        9 - $15,000        13 - $3,500        17 - $3,500

2 - $200,000        6 - $40,000        10 - $10,000      14 - $3,500        18 - $3,500

3 - $120,000        7 - $30,000        11 - $7,500        15 - $3,500        19 - $3,500

4 - $100,000        8 - $20,000        12 - $4,500        16 - $3,500        20 - $3,500