Marshall & Sterling Insurance

Marshall & Sterling Insurance is one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the nation.  The “Equisport Division” of the company specializes in equine, farm/ranch, and concierge (24 hour service) personal insurance for insureds who own horses.  Marshall & Sterling has unparalleled industry experience offering personalized risk management services for distinguished clientele.   The products available are designed to protect more than simply possessions, but your lifestyle.  With 24-hour concierge service, expert risk assessment, and a broad spectrum of insurance products, Marshall & Sterling is uniquely qualified to protect you and your business.

In conjunction with HITS, the “Marshall & Sterling Insurance League” was created as a grassroots competition program for children and adult riders looking for the opportunity to participate in a prestigious National Final.  The program has grown to 1,300 horse shows and more than 2,500 riders today.

John O’Shea, Chairman, Marshall & Sterling Insurance

“We base every decision on what is best for our clients.  Marshall & Sterling is just the right size, big enough to carry weight with international and national insurers, yet small enough to be responsive to each and every client’s needs.  HITS is similar in this respect and we believe our sponsorship is a meaningful way for us to support the horse industry“.