McIntosh and Flint Top Double Derbies at Lamplight Spring Spectacular III

Keely McIntosh and Hilton II Lead the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby at Lamplight Spring Spectacular III

Wayne, Ill. – June 24, 2023 – Spectators gathered at the Douglas Elliman Ring on Saturday morning to watch some of the top horse and rider combinations in vie for the winning honors in the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby at HITS Chicago. Keely McIntosh and Hilton II captured the attention of the judges as soon as they stepped in the ring, and with two stunning rounds they earned impressive two-panel scores of 158 and 170.5 for a total of 328.5 to take home the winning title.

“Hilton is perfect! I've had him for nine years, so we’ve had a really long partnership,” explained McIntosh about her journey with her winning mount. “He started out as a Grand Prix horse of mine, and I think four or five years ago I turned him into a hunter. Good thing I did, because he was made for it!”

Keely McIntosh and Hilton II 

The International Derby kicked off with the classic round designed by Chris Collman, which featured four high options that also offered different turns. The riders then returned for the handy round, where a trot fence was introduced in addition to technical rollbacks to provide exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their mounts' handiness, pace and overall jump of the horse.

Hailey Rolfe and Daydream

McIntosh and Hilton II earned a two-panel score of 158 in the first round, landing them in second to Kathleen Caya and Eurythmix who earned a two-panel score of 167. In the Handy round, Hilton II was brilliant over each fence and topped the standings, earning a two-panel score of 170.5 for a combined winning total of 328.5. Hailey Rolfe and Daydream took home the second-place award, earning a first-round two-panel score of 156 and a handy round score of 156, and a second-round score of 327.5, falling just one point behind McIntosh. Kathleen Caya rounded out the top three with her second mount, Caruso Des Flagues, after earning a total score of 322, but at the end of the day.

Kathleen Caya and Caruso Des Flagues

“I always come in with a plan. My plans usually involve just relying on how to ride,” laughed MIintosh. “In the first round, Hilton was a little fresh and I was kind of holding onto him and by that time he walked in for the second one, he was more of a kick ride. I mostly wanted to let Hilton do his thing, so I tried to stay out of his way and give him the best possible ride that I could.”

Keely McIntosh and Hilton II

McIntosh expressed her love for Lamplight Equestrian Center, stating, “The first time I was here was in 2020 and this is my second time back, I really love the whole place. It smells good, the landscaping is incredible, and everyone here is super friendly. It's one of the most beautiful venues out there with the landscaping and all of the arenas, the footing is great and the horses have all been great too. Jumping the derby and actually even coming to the show was a little bit of a last-minute decision and we just decided to enter and sort of come to have fun because I did love Lamplight in 2020. We thought we'd give it another shot and I'm so glad we came!”

Amanda Flint and Lost Boy Find Victory in $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby at Lamplight Spring Spectacular III

Wayne, Ill. – June 23, 2023 – The Lamplight Spring Spectacular III was full of firsts on Friday afternoon at HITS Chicago. Hunter riders competed in the Douglas Elliman Grand Prix stadium for the first time this year during the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby, and Lost Boy made his derby debut a winning one with Amanda Flint in the irons. Kitty Walters and Prince L claimed the second place honors, while Kathleen Caya was just one point behind them aboard Credible De Bornival Z.

“We just decided to do something different with him this week, so this is his first time ever doing a derby,” said Flint after her win with the 6-year-old Belgian Warmblood owned by Kristiina Claffee. “We just wanted to go see what he would do!”

Amanda Flint and Lost Boy

The competition kicked off with the classic round designed by Chris Collman, which utilized the expansive Douglas Elliman Grand Prix Stadium and featured four high options. The top 12 returned for the handy round, where several rollbacks allowed riders to showcase their mounts, in addition to the trot fence and the hand gallop to the final oxer towards the gate.

Flint and Lost Boy led from start to finish, laying down smooth and consistent trips during each round of competition for a total score of 166. Junior rider Kitty Walters was aboard Prince L during Friday’s highlight event, earning a 158 for the second-place prize. Kathleen Caya and Credible De Bornival Z garnered the third-place honors with a score of 157, just one point behind Walters and Price L, while Flint led the day’s lap of honor with Lost Boy.

Claffee only recently imported Lost Boy and he has been doing the 6-Year-Old Young Hunter division with Flint leading up to Friday’s victory. “He learned how to do the handy and the warmup before the handy. He hasn't trotted a jump or anything like that before.”

Flint concluded, “HITS Chicago is great for young horses like this because we can have paddocks and it’s a friendly atmosphere.”

Competition during the Lamplight Spring Spectacular III will continue throughout the weekend as part of the HITS Chicago Series. Junior and amateur athletes will showcase their skills during their respective hunter classics to close out the first week of the horse show, earning valuable points toward qualifying for the Marshall and Sterling Finals.

Amanda Flint and Lost Boy