Katrina Shulda and Shenanigans Secure USEF Hunter Seat Medal

Wayne, Ill. – May 14, 2023 – Top junior riders gathered at the Main Hunter Ring on Sunday afternoon during Lamplight Spring Classic I to showcase their equitation skills in the USEF Hunter Seat Medal. Narrowed down to four riders for the final test, it was Katrina Shulda and Shenanigans who earned the top prize during the first week of the HITS Chicago Series. Jackie Stary and Conenzo placed second, while Talia Kirson and Dundee took home third place. 

Katrina Shulda and Shenanigans 

Following the Medal’s first round, the top four equitation riders returned for an in-ring test in reverse order of standing to help determine the winner of the class. For the test, riders were asked to canter directly out of line to the first vertical, roll back to an oxer, and make a difficult inside turn to the in-and-out.Then they were asked to demonstrate a lead change while returning to the line.


“When I heard the test I noted there's not very many inside turns, so I knew I needed to be efficient and make it as smooth as possible,” said Shulda. She and Shenanigans were sitting in second heading into the test, and her consistent pace, smooth turns, and well-executed lead change back to the line helped bring her to the top placing for the USEF Hunt Seat Medal.

Katrina Shulda and Shenanigans, pictured with trainer Sarah Duhon

Jackie Stary, Talia Kirson and Isabelle Collister also successfully navigated the first round. With eight jumps in the first round that featured several long approaches and a tight rollback after the seventh fence, the riders were challenged to maintain their consistency throughout the entirety of the course and make technical turns. Stary, Kirson and Collister all had a beautiful first round and well ridden tests, placing second, third, and fourth, respectively, while Shulda took home the blue ribbon.

Shenanigans is an 11 year-old Hanoverian by Perigaelx and is owned by Mechlin Farms.  Having just returned from lease, Shulda and Shenanigans quickly reformed their partnership before Sunday’s highlight event.

“This is his first show back. I haven't ridden him in about two years, and he stepped right in and was like, ‘Okay, what do I need to do,’” Shulda explained. “When he is perfect, you just let him do his job.”

Shulda expressed her love for the HITS Chicago concluding, “I love the area and I love the facility. I think the trees this time of year are so beautiful and there's fun things to do around the area.”

Two more weeks of competition remain as part of the Lamplight Spring Classic Series at Lamplight Equestrian Center during the HITS Chicago Series, which runs through September at the world-class facility.