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Hispanic Riders Sweep HITS Del Mar Horsepark Summer Festival 1 Jumpers with Remarkable Dominance

Del Mar, CA - August 8– HITS Del Mar Summer Festival 1 witnessed an astounding display of equestrian prowess as riders from Mexico left an indelible mark on the week's competitions, achieving unparalleled success. 

The father and son duo of Andres Azcarraga and Jaime Azcarraga Romandia emerged as undeniable stars, securing the top three spots in the highly anticipated $100,000 Purina Animal Nutrition Grand Prix. 

“It's always a pleasure to show here in Del Mar Horsepark, I remember my first few shows here 20 years ago!,” said Andres Azcarraga, “ I am so happy to be back and the facilities are now truly incredible. I couldn't have asked for a better start with my longtime partner Contendros, and it's always a dream to share a top-three finish with my father in a show. Thank you again for the opportunity.”

His father, Jaime Azcarraga Romandia also had a few things to say about the facility and his incredible week at the show, “We are delighted to be back at Del Mar Horsepark. You guys did an amazing job, the footing in both arenas are very good and the designs by Oscar Soberon were excellent;” said Jaime Azcarraga Romandia. “It is a perfect show to build young horses and riders and to maintain the old ones in form. Thank you for the opportunity to compete here.”

The dominance of our Hispanic riders continued to shine as Juan Manuel Luzardo delivered a show-stopping performance throughout the week. Luzardo secured multiple victories this week, including winning the $25,000 HITS Welcome presented by Mary's Tack & Feed, the Vitaflex 1.30m, and the $10,000 1.40m. His consistent success and undeniable skill have positioned him as a star in the equestrian world, capturing the hearts of spectators and fellow competitors alike.

We spoke to Juan Manuel Luzardo who said “The show in Del Mar is amazing, the footing is really nice, fences and courses too. The people here are so friendly and always trying to help. And also it’s perfect to come with the family because you have the beach, and a lot options of restaurants and attractions. Best show! Thanks a lot!”

The HITS Del Mar Horsepark is proud to have hosted this unforgettable week of equestrian excellence, and we can’t wait to have everyone back for Summer Festival 2.

As the applause resonates and the cheers reverberate, the HITS Del Mar Horsepark congratulates the Mexican riders for their triumphant achievements and looks forward to witnessing their continued success in the coming weeks at Del Mar Horsepark.

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