Maureen Fulgenzi showcased on the cover of both the HITS Ocala Winter Circuit and HITS Coachella Desert Circuit Official Show Program Covers!

HITS, Inc. is proud to announce that Maureen Fulgenzi will be showcased on the cover of both the 2018 HITS Ocala Winter Circuit and HITS Coachella Desert Circuit Official Show Program.

Fulgenzi is a native of Westchester, New York where she grew up with the goal to become an established artist. Her dreams became a reality after spending four years at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she studied fashion illustration and advertising. Upon graduating, Fulgenzi earned a freelance position with Sassoon Jeans where she would design their first ever marketing poster. After working at Sassoon Jeans, Fulgenzi shifted her career path and accepted a position as a sketch artist for Fairfield Publications, illustration for TOBY fashion reports.

It wasn’t until the early 90s that Fulgenzi really dived head first into pursuing her dream of becoming a recognized fine artist. At this point in time she left New York City and began working on her fine-art portfolio. Fulgenzi has had the opportunity to work in the Hamptons, and travel throughout Italy and Europe. She was becoming a more sophisticated artist, learning new techniques and overwhelmed with inspiration with each new place she traveled to. “I like to think that I have multiple personalities when it comes to my artwork, I don’t stop at just one avenue” Fulgenzi said describing herself as an artist.

The paintings that artist Maureen Fulgenzi created were inspired by the wild horses of Sable Island. After Fulgenzi had been working on the paintings for quite some time she took a break from them for about two months and traveled to New York. “There was no cohesiveness in either of the paintings,” stated Fulgenzi. While in New York she met with the photographer who captured the picture of the wild horses which was the inspiration behind completing her paintings. It was at this point in time that she returned to finish the paintings and knew exactly the direction that she wanted to go with them, by adding a certain element to the background scenery.

Riding horses has been a hobby for Fulgenzi since she was a little girl, as her father owned a farm in South Salem where she would go riding. She has been creating beautiful pieces of equine artwork, each with their own story, for about ten years.

To see more of Maureen Fulgenzi’s artwork, visit HITS Ocala for the Winter Circuit where some of her other pieces will be showcased.

HITS accepts submissions of artwork for program covers and the HITS Art Department is tasked with choosing just one piece for each cover they are designing. Selected artists are then invited to showcase their work throughout the circuit. For more information, visit