HITS Shows Introduces ShowPlus® to Protect Horses, Riders and Grooms

Ocala, Fla. – January 13, 2023 – HITS is pleased to announce that it will now offer ShowPlus® Protection at HITS Ocala during the 2023 competition season. ShowPlus® is a horse and rider benefit program provided by participating equestrian competitions designed to reimburse unanticipated out-of-pocket costs that may not be covered by insurance. HITS will also be the first horse show to offer grooms protection at its competition!  


  • Rider Injury Protection*
Based on the customized benefits offered by each horse show, the level of the rider and the nature of the injury, riders can count on a reimbursement that will help cover out-of-pocket expenses. How the rider uses the lump sum payout is up to him/her.
  • *NEW* Groom Injury Protection*
Trainers can now register one groom per horse at HITS Horse Shows for ShowPlus® coverage. They can now count on a reimbursement that will help cover out-of-pocket expenses from an injury on the job. How the groom uses the lump sum payout is up to him/her.
  • Equine Injury and Urgent Care Protection*
Upon a verified receipt of the incident report, ShowPlus® will reimburse reasonable and customary veterinarian fees for provided covered procedures, medical treatment, or diagnostic testing due to an accident, injury, or illness that may occur to a horse registered to compete. Terms and conditions apply and may vary per horse show, but eligible horses typically must be between the ages of 4 and 16 years.
  • Equine Loss Protection*
If your horse is registered to compete, you are eligible for reimbursements should your horse suffer from an accident, injury, or illness that suddenly results in its death.

*benefits are customized per horse show
*incident reports need to be filed within 5 days after the incident


Showjumping rider Lauren Crooks filled out an incident report after her husband and business partner James Brennan suffered a riding accident at a ShowPlus®-protected horse show. "We put so much time, money, effort, everything into this sport and then accidents do happen,” she said. “It’s pretty great that there’s something that advocates for the health of the horse and rider. I think it’s really important that people know about ShowPlus®, because it is really, truly a godsend for us to have.”

Chief Customer Officer Joe Norick commented, “We are thrilled to be offering this protection for all of our customers, including the grooms who are an integral part of our community. We understand the risks in our sport, and we want everyone to enjoy their time at HITS Shows without worrying about additional expenses.”

ShowPlus CEO Ghen Sugimoto concluded, "The ShowPlus® team is excited to be able to extend ShowPlus® benefits and protection at HITS Horse Shows to competitors, horses and now for the first time, grooms! Working with HITS Horse Shows to off this exciting new program is a great step forward in protecting the entire equestrian community."

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More information and grooms registration for ShowPlus® will be available at the horse show office during HITS Ocala. For more information, please call (352) 620-2275.

ShowPlus® is one of the specialized VenturePlus™ benefit programs powered by CaptiveOne. VenturePlus™ protects your passion, from showing and traveling around the globe to veterinary care and breeding, allowing you to focus on your sport and the horses you love. Go to www.Showplus.comwww.AcutePlus.comwww.TravelPlusProtection.com or www.BreedersPlus.com to learn more. TheVenturePlus™ programs are turnkey - from marketing and administration to technology delivering peace of mind.