Children's Hunter Pony Final

sponsored by Mona's Monograms    
Phase 1 – Model Phase 2 – Under Saddle  
  • 606. Small Pony
  • 706. Medium Pony
Phase 3 – Over Fences    
  • 806. Large Pony

Entry Fee: $100 for the entire competition

Eligibility: Open to Children’s Hunter Ponies to be ridden by a junior exhibitor. Pony and Rider must be eligible for the Children's Hunter Pony division under Zone II Rules. Exhibitors are encouraged to enter this event when submitting their entries. Entries may be limited based on demand. If entries are limited, eligibility will be based on points won at sanctioned shows between December 1, 2016 – July 1, 2017.


Phase 1 – Model: To be shown in-hand. To be shown at a walk and trot on the line, and to be shown for conformation. To be judged on conformation, way of moving and soundness. No more than 12 ponies to be modeled at one time. Score to count 20%.

Phase 2 – Under Saddle: To be shown at a walk, trot and canter both ways of the ring. To be judged on performance and soundness. Manners and suitability of pony to rider shall be emphasized. No more than 12 ponies to be shown at one time. Score to count 30%.

Phase 3 – Over Fences: To be shown over a course of 8-10 fences at the required height. To be judged on performance and soundness. Manners and suitability of pony to rider shall be emphasized. Fences 2’ for Small/Medium, 2’6” for Large. Score to count 50%.

Judging: In the Model and Under Saddle phase, each pony will receive a numerical score. The Over Fences phase will be judged under the Open Numerical judging system and scores will be announced.

Scoring: Scores to count 20% Model; 30% Under Saddle; 50% Over Fences. In the case of a tie for any Overall Awards, the Over Fences score shall be used to break the tie.

Order of Go: The groupings for the Model and Under Saddle to be randomly drawn. The order for the Over Fences Phase to be reverse order of the standings after Phases 1 and 2.

Specifications and Requirements: To be shown by a Junior Exhibitor. The same Junior Exhibitor must handle the pony in all three phases. The handler/rider at the Finals need not have handled/shown the pony at any previous competition. The same Junior Exhibitor may show only one pony in each section, but may ride a Small, Medium and Large pony in the competition. Only the Competition Rider may ride the pony beginning at 5 pm the day before the competition until the conclusion of the competition. Exception: The pony, with another rider, may compete in Beginner and Advanced Beginner Equitation only. Competition number must be worn at all times, and pony may only be ridden in the designated areas. There will be a Riders Meeting on Friday. Time and location to be determined.


Awards 1-12 in each section, for each Phase.
Awards 1-12 to the Overall Small, Medium and Large Ponies
Awards 1-12 to the Grand Champion Overall Ponies