Circuit Awards 2015 - Ocala, FL :: HITS


Circuit Awards 2015 - Ocala, FL

Low Hunter
CH: Charm Dr & Mrs John McGuire Amanda Steege
RES: For Sure Sally Culhane Jeffrey Ayers
Training Hunter
CH: Out On Bale Denise Clolery Mary Lisa Leffler
RES: Trooper Cismont Manor Farm Hunt Tosh
Baby Green Hunter
CH: Card Shark Barb Ferriman Sam Pegg
RES: Dresden's Holiday Lisa Otto Donald Sheehan
Adequan Hunter
CH: Salem Mr & Mrs David Beisel David Beisel
RES: Violets Are Blue Kevin Eufemia Mary Eufemia
HITS Hunter 1
CH: Le Blanc Reynard Pembroke Pointe LLC Monica Oliver
RES: Baja Dawn Von Bernuth Dawn Von Bernuth
HITS Hunter 2
CH: Fortunate Mary Stavola Mary Stavola
RES: Oracle Barbara Le Stage Kristen Bumpus
Pre-Green Hunter 1
CH: Valhalla The Wheeler Family Hunt Tosh
RES: For Sure Sally Culhane Jeffrey Ayers
Pre-Green Hunter 2
CH: Largesse Ceil & Kenny Wheeler Hunt Tosh
RES: Fandango HX Redfield Farm Adrienne Iverson
1st Year Green Hunter
CH: Gotham Dr Betsee Parker Hunt Tosh
RES: Corporate Ashley Netzky Maria Rasmussen
2nd Year Green Hunter
CH: Calvary Jessica Tindley Amanda Steege
RES: Casanova Dr Betsee Parker Hunt Tosh
Green Conformation Hunter
CH: Subject To Change Ashley Netzky Maria Rasmussen
RES: Moonwalk Kendall Meijer Hillary Johnson
High Performance Working Hunter
CH: Chapman ET Redfield Farm Adrienne Iverson
RES: Loxley Finale Partners LLC Amanda Steege
Performance Working Hunter 3'6-3'9
CH: Balou Lisa Arena Davis Amanda Steege
RES Silvio Song Sara O'Connell Shachine Belle
Performance Working Hunter 3'3
CH: Eileen Lorrie Canady Molly McAdow
RES: Sutton Place KJ Robinson LLC Hunt Tosh
Regular Conformation Hunter
CH: Cold Harbor Dr Betsee Parker Hunt Tosh
RES: Aramis Z Niffer Cancian Hannah Lavin
A-O Hunter 18-35
CH: Cymplify Hasbrouck Donovan Hasbrouck Donovan
RES: Classified Samantha Schaefer Samantha Schaefer
A-O Hunter 36 & Over
CH: Lumiere Jane Gaston Jane Gaston
RES: Walk the Line Lynn Seithel Lynn Seithel
Low A-O Hunter 18-35
CH: Gestell Sarah Redman Sarah Redman
RES: Orlon Margot Peroni Margot Peroni
Adult 18-35 Hunter
CH: Zoe Kristine D'Andrea Kristine D'Andrea
RES: Contina Jacquelyn Maggiore Jacqueline Maggiore
Adult 36-45 Hunter
CH: Bellefield Emiliy Miller Emily Miller
RES: Cassino Z M&M Stopford Michelle Stopford
Adult 46-55 Hunter
CH: Penny Lane Michelle Shapiro Michelle Shapiro
RES: Sochi Adele Einhorn Adele Einhorn
Adult Hunter 56 & Over
CH: Designated Nancy Jones Nacy Jones
RES: Tryonite Mr & Mrs Ernest M Oare Betty Oare
Small Junior Hunter 15 & Under
CH: Kingpin Beechwood Stables LLC Annabel Revers
RES: Best Of Gabriella Conte Madeline Shaefer
Small Junior Hunter 16-17
CH: Broadway Lindsey Ward Morgan Ward
RES: Cold Case Donald Stewart Ashton Alexander
Large Junior Hunter 15 & Under
CH: Morocco Nancy Moore Grace Boston
RES: MTM Hands Down Beechwood Stables LLC Annabel Revers
Large Junior 16-17 Hunter
CH: Samba Jessica Ungerer Morgan Ward
RES: Lilly Wood Donald Stewart Ashton Alexander
Children's Pony Hunter Sm/Med
CH: Coastal Sunset Kristen Brown Brianna Folk
RES: You Go Girl Lochmoor Stables Izzy Beisel
Children's Pony Hunter Large
CH: Losander's Camelot Deerfield Ltd Lindsey Hurley
RES: Cruz Bay Catherine Black Alexandra Hershfield
Children's Hunter Horse 14 & Under
CH: US Marshall Kiki Hopkins Rachael Hopkins
RES: Caligo Laine Grosvenor Laine Grosvenor
Antares Children's Hunter Horse 15-17
CH: The Silver Screen Gabrielle Calvert Gabrielle Calvert
RES: Rock Harbour Alexa DeRosa Alexa DeRosa
Small Green Pony Hunter
CH: Clovermeade Semper Fi Aliya Maker Aliya Maker
RES: Woodlands Polar Bear Bibby Hill Devin Seek
Medium Green Pony Hunter
CH: Gap Springs Heart's Desire Dale Crittenberger & Kimberly  M  Devin Seek
RES: Smallwood Mystic Bibby Hill Devin Seek
Large Green Pony Hunter
CH: Blue On Bye Maffit Lake Farms Devin Seek
RES: Orchard Hills Ghirardelli Alexandra Mager Abigail Brayman
Small Pony Hunter
CH: Baby Blue Bibby Hill Libbie Gordon
RES: Flashback Madeline Schaefer Claire Campbell
Medium Pony Hunter
CH: Sports Cast Madeline Schaefer Madeline Schaefer
RES: Tiffany Blue Libbie Gordon Libbie Gordon
Large Pony Hunter
CH: Hallelujah Rose Hill Farm Catherine Black
RES: Devil Mint Scarlett Lee Aylsworth Devin Seek
Pre-Children's Hunter
CH: Cavallino Abigail Welch Abigail Welch
RES: The Crowne Prince Lily Rusis Lily Rusis
RES: Preview My Assets Grace Wilson Grace Wilson
RES: Sunny Outlook Vivian Wiggins Vivian Wiggins
Pre-Adult Hunter
CH: Better Than Diamonds Marita Zuraitis Marita Zuraitis
RES: Inferno Marita Zuraitis Marita Zuraitis
Post Time Child Hunter
CH: Lanzarote Wynter Johnson Wynter Johnson
RES: Danny Zuko Haley Allen Haley Allen
Post Time Adult Hunter
CH: Better Than Diamonds Marita Zuraitis Marita Zuraitis
RES: Chances Czar Tonia Werner Tonia Werner
Modified Children's Hunter
CH: Lanzarote Wynter Johnson Wynter Johnson
RES: Cute Date Aizlynn Radwanski Aizlynn Radwanski
Modified Adult Hunter
CH: Sienna Elizabeth Phillips Elizabeth Phillips
CH: Zoe Kristine D'Andrea Kristine D'Andrea
RES: Picture Me Jennifer O'Donnell Jennifer O'Donnell
RES: Kalifornia Dreamin' Kelley Norton Kelley Norton
Short Stirrup Hunter
CH: Hillcrest I'm A Blue Too Treesdale Farms Maddie Tosh
RES: True Sport Morgan Ward Madison Briggs
Schooling Pony Hunter Small
CH: Texas Hold 'Em Joy Kloss Casey Oliver
RES: Cashmere Forest Hill Farm Emma Callanan
Schooling Pony Hunter Medium
CH: Losander's Camelot Deerfield Ltd. Lindsey Hurley
RES: All About Blue Artillery Lane LLC Caroline Ellis
Schooling Pony Hunter Large
CH: Skywalker Lydia Lane Lydia Lane
RES: Valentino Ashley Vail Aycox Ashley Vail Aycox
Modified Junior Hunter
CH: Boris Remeta Sky LLC Elle Young
RES: Best Of Gabriella Conte Madeline Schaefer
Modified Amateur Hunter
CH: Blue Shamrock Monica Hunt Alexa Bayko
RES: Walter Sherri Kahn Sherri Kahn
Thoroughbred Hunter 1
CH: Blueridge Donna Struve Robert Nathan
RES: Will To Win Kate Wilson Kate Wilson
Thoroughbred Hunter 2
CH: Scorpio Jeffrey Ayers Jeffrey Ayers
RES: Neighbor Elizabeth LaPierre Elizabeth LaPierre
Low A/O Hunter 36 & Over
CH: Cheers Robin Swinderman Robin Swinderman
RES: Crusader Stephanie Zimmerman Stephanie Zimmerman
Junior Hunter Low 3'3"
CH: Hey Sailor BTRC Alex Trollli
RES: Del Piero Alex Trolli Alex Trolli
Equitation 11 & Under 
CH: True Religion Skyler Hendricks
RES Boston Maeve O'Donovan
Equitation 12-13
CH: La Vita Sophie Transou
RES: Lenny Kravitz Hillary Devlen
Equitation 14-15
CH: Constantine Abigail Brayman
RES: Donder Clara Bechtold
Equitation 16-17
CH: Incalan Tye Donaldson
RES: Capo Di Capi Katie Eppinger
Pony Equitation
CH: Hush Hush Willa Schweitzer
RES: White Oak By Invitation Only Porter Tobin
Adult Equitation 18-35 
CH: Touch Cruise Jordan Borkoski
RES: Wanderprinz Sara Ballinger
Adult Equitation 36-45
CH: Caymus Dana Brawley
RES: Ingram Hill Tameron Petersen
Adult Equitation 46 & Over
CH: Nick O Time Hallie Brooks
RES: Quintas Dawn Kelly
Maiden Equitation
CH: Sunny Outlook Vivian Wiggins
RES: Promises Kept Savannah Gregson
Novice Equitation
CH: Lindegardens Lorenzo Caroline Hamzavi
RES: Quick Brown Fox Kaitlin Fox
Limit Equitation
CH: La Vita Sophie Transou
RES: Illusionist Angelina Smith
Intermediate Equitation
CH: DA Bjorn Deana Schenkel
RES: Brightside Lily C Walton
Adult Maiden Equitation
CH: Out On Bale Denise Clolery
RES: Something to be Proud Of Tara Harvill
Adult Novice Equitation
CH: Phantom Judy Rutkowski
RES: Winter Hill Susan Tuller
Adult Limit Equitation
CH: Quick Silver Kylie Harvill
RES: Capitol Image Katriina Ruotsalo
Short Stirrup Equitation
CH: Asgard Mercury Madison Briggs
RES: Theodore Chelsea Stopford
Advanced Beginner Equitation
CH: Theodore Chelsea Stopford
RES: Master Yoda Schuyler Dayner
Beginner Equitation
CH: Worth Waiting For Lyndsey Keen
RES: Rosebud Eleanor Pieters
HITS 2' Jumper
CH: Roxie Hart Elizabeth Cloutier Elizabeth Cloutier
RES: Diamonds Will Do Abigail Fox Abigail Fox
Level 0 Jumper
CH: Beloved Wings Patricia Dempsey Kate Wilson
RES: Stormy Weather Addison Reed Addison Reed
Level 1 Jumper
CH: Adonis Traudi Miller-Moss Traudi Miller-Moss
RES: Remi North Face Farm Emily R Sheveland
Level 2 Jumper
CH: Sea King Gold Sarah Scott Ian Siltch
RES Cabardino Blue Rhonda Smith Aaron Vale
Level 3 Jumper
CH: Dare to Dance Janet Walker Caitlyn Shiels
RES: Papillion Peanut Mr & Mrs John Bartko Tracy Magness
Level 4 Jumper
CH: Chacao Boy Allegra Aiuto Silvio Mazzoni
RES: Belichick Donald Stewart Aaron Vale
BeneFab Adult Jumper Low 18-45
CH: Leila Eileen O'Leary Eileen O'Leary
RES: Fantasmic Marissa Sterba Marissa Sterba
Adult Jumper Low 46 & Over
CH: Vanilla Ice Caroline Williams Caroline Williams
RES: Lightning Strikes M Lisa Solski Lisa Solski
Adult Jumper Medium 18-45
CH: Chicky B Maddie Skimming Maddie Skimming
RES: Eastern Hero Carson Harper Carson Harper
Adult Jumper Medium 46 & Over
CH: Granberg Caroline Williams Caroline Williams
RES: El Fernantez Zet Kimberly Leslie Kimberly Leslie
Adult Jumper High  18-45
CH: Joe Saltim Z Taylor Stier Taylor Stier
RES: Chasm Z Madison Akins Madison Akins
Adult Jumper High 46 & Over
CH: Bravo Zulu Joy Scudder Joy Scudder
RES: Midori Lynn Seithel Lynn Seithel
Children's Jumper Low
CH: Blue Moon Lisa O'Neill Ashley McNally
RES: Con Air Bobbie Harvey Mackenzie Martin
Children's Jumper Medium
CH: Winchester Sarah Grant Sarah Grant
RES: Pistol Thinkslikeahorse Madeline DeRose
Children's Jumper High
CH: Cat Woman Daniel White Gabrielle Calvert
RES: Moraleja Isabella Roman Isabella Roman
Pony Jumper
CH: Royal Charlotte Millar Charlotte Millar
RES: Flight Risk Annie Farrar Annie Farrar
Level 5 Jumper
CH: Cupid Kristen Bumpus Kristen Bumpus
CH: Escape Danielle Torano Mary Lisa Leffler
Level 6 Jumper
CH: Fideel World Horse Sales Sean McCook
RES: Veerle James Fairclough Robin Fairclough
Level 7 Jumper
CH: Selfie Thinkslikeahorse Aaron Vale
RES: Cavendish Patty Stovel Patty Stovel
CWD Junior Jumper Low
CH: Antonio Amanda Shaffer Amanda Shaffer
RES: Quartus Mary Katherine Hargreaves Mary Katherine Hargreaves
Junior Jumper Medium
CH: Chiquita Jordyn Friedman Jordyn Friedman
RES: Dexter MacKenzee McGehee MacKenzee McGehee
Junior Jumper High 
CH Unique MacKenzie McGehee MacKenzie McGehee
RES Fiona Van't Paradijs MacKenzie McGehee MacKenzie McGehee
Amateur Jumper Low
CH: Orchidee Milody Clay Struve Molly Struve
RES: Cocolia Waka Waka Z Claudia Sofia Colon Claudia Sofia Colon
A-O Jumper Med
CH: Fabius Cienne Warren Cienne Warren
RES: Upstaire Smithfield Farms LLC Callie Smith
A-O Jumper High
CH: Via Dolorosa Derek Petersen Jared Petersen
RES: Orientales Double S Farm LLC Sima Morgello
RES: Quite Dark 2 Westwind Equine Training Ctr Haley Gassel
YJC 6 Year Olds
CH: Cassiopaya Marcus Gruenthal Marcus Gruenthal
RES: Eos M Patrice Schreiber David Beisel
YJC 7 Year Olds
CH: Vigilante Patrice Schreiber David Beisel
RES: Dexter North Face Farm Aaron Vale