Specs. - CPHA Style of Riding Jumper Championship - South

SOUTH - National Sunshine II
AON HITS Desert Horse Park
Thermal, California
Sunday, November 11, 2018
Grand Prix Ring

ELIGIBILITY: Open to Junior and Amateur riders who are current members of the CPHA, and whose trainers are current members of the CPHA, and who have competed in at least one CPHA Style of Riding Class during the current show year. 

QUALIFYING  PERIOD: All  CPHA  Style  of  Riding  Classes  held  between December 1, 2017 and November 4, 2018, shall count toward the 2018 Championship.

CONDITIONS & SPECIFICATIONS: This class is a Jumper Seat Equitation class with fences 1.00m-1.05m in height with spreads to 1.15m, under a Table II.2.a format.  To be judged under the Open Numerical Scoring System.  Any Jumping faults will be deducted from the numerical score (4 points deducted for each knockdown, 1 point deducted for each time fault).

  • Round  1 - To  be  shown  over  a  course  of  10-12  fences  including  a  triple  or  two  double  combinations  and  a  Liverpool.  The Liverpool may not be used in the combination. The course should be of the type used in a Children/Adult Jumper Classic.  Time allowed  will  be  calculated  at  350  meters  per  minute.    Any  rider  completing  the  first  round  clean,  without  jumping  and/or  time faults,  and  receiving  a  score  of  70  or  higher,  will  return  for  Round  2,  the  Jump-Off/Work-off  Round,  in  reverse  order  of  scores from Round 1.
  • Round 2 - The Jump-Off Round is judged in the same manner as the first round, with an emphasis placed on an efficient time saving pace and track.  Time allowed will be based on a speed of 375 meters per minute. The numerical Jump-Off Score will be added to the first round score for a total cumulative score.  Winners will be determined by the highest cumulative score and the least faults from the Jump-off, i.e., clean rounds will be placed first, followed by those with faults.  If placings include riders not participating in the jump off, results will be determined solely by the first round numerical score (after deducting jumping and time faults), but regardless of clear rounds. 

JUDGING: The judges are asked to walk the course prior to the class, and where there are striding options, the judges are asked not to penalize any option that might be used to achieve the best result appropriate to the track taken and the individual horse/rider The judges will evaluate the rider’s ability as a show jumping rider, and the manner in which the course was ridden regarding technical merit, judgment, and the execution of an efficient, time saving pace and track in meeting the specific challenges incorporated into the course by the course designer. 

START  ORDER: The  Start  Order  for  Round  1  will  be  computer  drawn,  The  Order  for  Round  2  (The  Jump-Off  round)  will  be reverse order of scores from Round 1.

TACK AND EQUIPMENT: A Jumper Type horse and conventional Jumper Equipment will not be penalized.  A Standing or Running Martingale is permitted.  Draw Reins, German Martingales or other non-conventional tack is NOT permitted.

RESTRICTIONS: USEF Jumper Schooling Rules will be in effect.  There is to be no contact between the exhibitor and trainer with  either  the  judges  or  the  course  designer  prior  to  or  at  the  conclusion  of  any  round  without  a  specified  Technical  Delegate  or Show Steward present.

AWARDS: Trophy and Cooler to the winner, and Ribbons and Prizes 1-8