Specs. - HITS $250,000 Jr/A-O Jumper Prix

When: Saturday-Sunday, September 9-10, 2017

Where: HITS-on-the-Hudson, Saugerties, New York

• 40 riders based on the Black Barn Junior/A-O Rider Rankings.
• 5 additional riders chosen at the discretion of management (management reserves the right to extend additional discretionary spots if the desired number of riders has not been met by going down the Rider Ranking list).
• 1 Wild Card slot awarded to the Winner of the Wild Card Qualifying Class at HITS-on-the-Hudson VII.
How to Qualify:
• Rider Rankings will be calculated based on Money Won by the horse/rider combination.
• It will be a rider’s top money-winning horse that will determine the rider’s final ranking.
• A rider’s Money Won will count only after the rider has competed in (5) Junior/A-O Jumper High Classics at five (5) unique HITS Horse Shows.
• The rider may ride any horse(s) in the qualifying classes. Multiple rides in one class do NOT count as “multiple classes”.
• The rider may compete at any site or combination of sites in order to satisfy the 5-class requirement.
• Qualifying Classes will be held at HITS Thermal, HITS Ocala, HITS Arizona, HITS Saugerties, HITS Culpeper and Balmoral Park.
Additional Qualifying Specifications: 
• Money Won will be calculated by horse/rider combination. It will be the rider’s top money winning horse that will determine the rider’s final ranking.
• In the event that two or more riders are qualified for the final qualifying position, all those tied will qualify.
• If a qualified rider declines, the next rider in the standings will be invited until all 40 slots are filled.
• The rider may ride only one (1) horse in the Finals, but may ride any horse of his/her choice.
• The last Qualifying Class counting toward rider rankings will be at HITS-on-the-Hudson VII.

Cross Entry Restrictions
• Qualifying Classes: No Cross Entry Restrictions for the Qualifying Classes, unless otherwise stated in the Prize List.
• Jumper Prix Final NEW May 13, 2016: No Cross Entry of Horse or Rider into the FEI Section at the Show (USEF JP117.6.b).

Class Conditions: 
The Jr/A-O Jumper Prix Final will be conducted and scored under Table II, Section 3, Modified. Time Second Jump-Off. All riders will compete in the First Round. In the event of equality of faults, time will be used to determine the top 25. Scores will carry over from the first round and faults will be added together to determine the winners. In the event of equality of faults for first place only, there will be a jump-off in which time will decide. Ties for all other places will be decided based on time taken in the Second Round.

• Secure Stabling rules will be in effect.
• High Performance Standard for Junior/Amateur/Young Rider classes.

Order of Go:
The order for the First Round will be reverse order of the Final Standings. The Wild Card will go first. The five discretionary spots, and any additional discretionary spots will be placed next, their order to be drawn. The order for the Second Round will be reverse order of faults and times from the First Round. The order in the Jump-Off, if any, will be the same as that for the Second Round.

Prize Money: Awarded 1-25







Updated 12/01/16