Top 5 Reasons to Show at Chicago’s Iconic Balmoral Park

 There are many reasons equine enthusiasts are excited to visit the new Balmoral Park, which HITS and ShowPlace Production purchased this past May, but we narrowed it down to our top five.

5. Bridge Between HITS East and West Coast Shows


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HITS is bringing shows to the central part of the country. The Balmoral Park showgrounds are centrally-located, opening up a new world of high-class Midwestern show-jumping just a short trip away from anyone on either coast. East- and West-coasters alike can travel to the Midwest between HITS circuits at Ocala or Thermal. Plus, the new showgrounds will give exhibitors in the central part of the U.S. an opportunity to show in a premier environment, closer to home. With this addition to the HITS family of showgrounds, no one has to travel all the way across the country for the kind of competition, upscale venue, and quality customer service you’ve come to expect from HITS.


4. State of the Art Hospitality


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When you’re not in the saddle, take in the shows in style and comfort. The historic, mint-condition grand stand seats 4,467 , and the VIP Clubhouse features state-of-the-art amenities. The Clubhouse overlooks all of the competition rings and is climate-controlled, keeping you sheltered from the weather. “Keep in mind that this venue is only 30 minutes from Solider Field in Chicago,” says Pat Boyle, who will be partnering with HITS to bring this vision to life. “With three tiers of VIP space, we are going to be able to offer that same Sky-box experience to both our corporate guests, and our existing sponsors and friends.”


3. Boyle/StruzzieriPartnership


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Left: Boyle & Daughter Caitlin, Right: Struzzieri


HITS President and CEO Tom Struzzieri is excited for his partnership with Pat Boyle of Showplace Productions. “Pat is known for offering horse shows with terrific amenities, and together we’ll continue that. HITS is known for building spectacular venues, and offering big prize money. Those two together should make quite a team,” he says. He’s not wrong. Boyle is known for valuing his exhibitors and taking great personal investment in the sport. In combination with Struzzieri’s experience with horse shows and his accomplishments in the hospitality business – he owns a hotel and several restaurants – the two are working to build a horse show that will draw on all of their combined talents. Hunters and jumpers alike will find the new facilities a welcome and exciting place. Says Struzzieri: “Pat is known for hosting really memorable USHJA International Hunter Derbies with elaborate and natural features, so between those, our Devoucoux Hunter Prix and jumper prize money unprecedented in the Chicago area, I think both hunters and jumpers will be pretty happy here."


2. Modern Amenities with Historic Flavor


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Balmoral Park has been famous with generations of horse lovers, and for good reason – the gorgeous landscaping and architecturally stunning structures are hallowed ground upon which many of the great horsemen have walked. The new facilities will do justice to the legacy of horsemanship that culminated in what will be a new HITS show. Struzzieri plans to renovate the historic barns to include modern amenities, so that as you experience the showgrounds, you’ll be immersed in their rich history without having to sacrifice modern comforts.


1. Access to Chicago


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The city is famous for a reason – it’s truly spectacular. Located less than one hour from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, the facilities will connect exhibitors to the third largest city in the United States. There’s always something going on in Chicago. Live music, from giant festivals to underground performances, is perfectly complimented by Chicago’s thriving food and beverage industries. There’s something for everyone: Whether you like hip bars or craft breweries, museums or clubs, aquariums or taverns, Chicago is endlessly entertaining. No matter what you choose to do there, you’ll be experiencing an iconic city, and you’ll be eating what locals will passionately defend as the best food in America. 


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