Brrrr it’s almost time to escape the cold and head to beautiful Ocala, Florida!

HITS Ocala Winter Circuit is just around the corner! While spending time in the beautiful and warm City of Ocala, are you looking for things to do after a long day of showing or on your days off? Here are a couple of our favorites!  

Ocala Downtown Square
Ocala Downtown Square is only about 20 minutes from the showgrounds. This is a great place to go with friends, family, or even on your own! It has its own charming atmosphere filled with shops and restaurants. There are also a number of special events that take place in the square including farmers markets, musical performances, etc. Check out the calendar of downtown Ocala events to find out more!

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Nations Cup Parade 

One exciting event that takes place in downtown Ocala is the Nations Cup Parade!

Ocala Main Street, IHMC, and the CEP invite you to "Jump Downtown" for the first Annual Parade of Nations Horse Celebration on the Downtown Square in Ocala on Wednesday, February 15th at 6 PM. The Parade of Nations will honor and welcome this year's teams and equestrians from around the world that are in Ocala to compete in the extremely prestigious Nations Cup, and showcase many of the breeds that make Ocala the Horse Capital of the World. Sponsored by the City of Ocala, this family-friendly event is free and open to the public. Take this opportunity to cheer on world-class athletes and enjoy the equine side of our community!

Sholom Park
Another great place to visit is Sholom Park. Sholom Park is an awesome way to spend some down time and relax. It was conceptualized in 1999 and constructed in 2001 with specific vegetation planted in order to its central Florida location. The park is full of meadows, woodland areas, added flowers and trees as well as other natural wildlife. It is a nice place to walk around the trails, explore the labyrinth, sit by the pond or to pack a lunch and have a picnic with family and friends. The trails are lined with oaks, hickories, sweet gums, and long leaf pine trees and wind throughout the entire park. Guess what the best part of Sholom Park is – it’s free to visit!

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