HITS Culpeper Winston National Competition Round-Up

CULPEPER, VA (August 18, 2015) Show jumping competition returned to HITS Commonwealth Park this past week for HITS Culpeper Winston National.  Abigail McArdle, of St. Charles, Illinois, aboard David McArdle’s Cosma 20, got down to business in no time, taking home first in Friday’s $15,000 Brook Ledge Open Jumper Prix. In a first round field of 24, McArdle cleared the course in a time of 69.053 to become one of 12 entries moving on to a jump-off. Entering the ring eleventh, with six other clear rounds ahead of them, McArdle and her mount sailed to the top spot with a clean round in a time of 29.841.

Second place was awarded to Adam Prudent on Vasco, owned by Plain Bay Sales. Hayley Waters and Fine Fleur, owned by Chuck and Dana Waters, followed in third place, while McArdle and her second entry, Topaze Blue, owned by Katie Prudent, finished behind them in fourth. The top five was completed by Daniel Damen and Seth Vallhonrart’s Bahrain 8.

Place Horse Owner Rider Prize Round 1 Faults JO Faults JO Time
1  Cosma 20  David McArdle Abigail McArdle $4,350  - - 29.841
2 Vasco Plain Bay Sales Adam Prudent $3,150 - - 30.365
3 Fine Fleur Chuck & Dana Waters Hayley Waters $2,100 - - 30.966
4 Topaze Blue Katie Prudent Abigail McArdle $1,400 - - 32.925
5 Bahrain 8  Seth Vallhonrat Daniel Damen $1,100 - - 33.313
6 Pernod  Alpha Omega Farm Gavin Moylan $800 - - 33.766
7 Acanto 7 Kate Mulligan Kate Mulligan $650 - - 33.875
8 Qurint  Chuck & Dana Waters Hayley Waters $550 - 4 32.7
9 Cardella  Dorothy Matz Lucy Matz $450 - 4 32.963
10 Cabras  Noel Fauntleroy Noel Fauntleroy $450 - 4 33.919
11 Pourkoipa Fontaine Cleveland Equestrian Megan Bash - - 4 34.537
12 Luca Toni Sandra Masur Dorna Taintor - - 16 34.346

Abigail McArdle and Cosma 20 on their way to a $15,000 Brook Ledge Open Jumper Prix win at HITS Culpeper Winston National. 

$10,000 Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic, presented by Vetera ® XP Vaccines

Jumpers continued to shine throughout the weekend and Sunday’s $10,000 Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic was no exception. A qualifying class for the $250,000 Vetera ® XP Vaccines Jr/A-O Jumper Prix during the HITS Championship later this summer, the High Classic belonged to Lucy Matz, of Coatesville, Pennsylvania, and Cardella, owned by Dorothy Matz. First in the order of five jump-off entries, Matz set the bar high when she cleared the course in a quick 30.056, which resulted in a first place finish, a full two seconds faster than the runner-up, Hayley Waters and Rio Cachet, owned by Chuck and Dana Waters.

Alden Moylan with her own Pimpernel received third place honors, and Melissa Rudershausen on her own Ugolin Du Mont finished in fourth. Fifth place went to Classified piloted by owner Anna Dryden.
Place Horse Owner Rider Prize Round 1 Faults JO Faults JO Time
1  Cardella  Dorothy Matz Lucy Matz $2,800  - - 30.056
2 Rio Cachet  Chuck & Dana Waters Hayley Waters $1,800 - - 32.060
3 Pimpernel Alden Moylan Alden Moylan $1,250 - - 32.650
4 Ugolin Du Mont Melissa Rudershausen Melissa Rudershausen $900 - - 37.583
5 Classified Anna Dryden Anna Dryden $800 - 4 34.222
6 Abracadabra Melissa Rudershausen Melissa Rudershausen $700 4 - -
7 After Eight  Anne Gardner Anne Gardner $600 4 - -
8 Chopper 5   KW Mahon Inc. Danny Mahon $450 5 - -
9 Gunner Melissa Rudershausen Melissa Rudershausen $350 8 - -
10 Bailey VI   Janice Aron Lucy Matz $350 8 - -
11 Coralina  Chuck & Dana Waters Hayley Waters - 8 - -
12 Corleone  Kelly Green Kelly Green - 8 - -

Lucy Matz, aboard Cardella, sailed to a $10,000 Jr/A-O Jumper High Classic, presented by Vetera ® XP Vaccines win at HITS Culpeper Winston National. 

$40,000 HITS Grand Prix

Dorothy Douglas, of Flower Mound, Texas, and MTM Farm’s S & L Elite wrapped up the weekend on a high note winning the $40,000 HITS Grand Prix on Sunday. Douglas set the tone for the day as the first to enter the ring and the first of five competitors to go clear over the 16 effort round one course designed by Marin Zevedo. Douglas continued to shine as she led off round two with a crisp, clean ride clocking in at 36.077. Ian Silitch and Cordovo, owned by Gaston Family Investments LLC, were next in the order but four faults mid-course, and a time of 36.731, would keep Douglas on top for now. Ready to chase the clock and the blue ribbon, Noel Fauntleroy and her own Cabras flew through the abbreviated course in a time of 37.269 ultimately securing second place, bumping Silitch to third.

A victim of four faults, and a time of 37.279, Anna Dryden rode her own Petrushka III to fourth place, and Daniel Damen aboard Chuck and Dana Waters’ Quintus 66 had two rails resulting in eight faults, with a time of 38.649 and fifth place. 
Place Horse Owner Rider Prize Round 1 Faults JO Faults JO Time
1 S & L Elite   MTM Farm Dorothy Douglas $12,000 - 0 36.077
2 Cabras  Noel Fauntleroy Noel Fauntleroy $8,800 - 0 37.269
3 Cordovo  Gaston Family Investments LLC Ian Silitch $5,200 - 4 36.713
4 Petrushka III  Anna Dryden Anna Dryden $3,200 - 4 37.279
5 Quintus 66  Chuck & Dana Waters Daniel Damen $2,400 - 8 38.649
6 Qurint  Chuck & Dana Waters Hayley Waters $2,000 4 - -
7 Fine Fleur  Chuck & Dana Waters Hayley Waters $1,600 4 - -
8 MTM Dumbledorf MTM Farm Tracy Fenney $1,200 4 - -
9 Catcher Woodrun Matthias Hollberg $1,200 4 - -
10 Pernod Alpha Omega Farm Gavin Moylan $800 8 - -
11 Quinta  Dorothy Matz Alex Matz $800 8 - -
12 Luca Toni Sandra Masur Dorna Taintor $800 8 - -

The HITS $40,000 Grand Prix at HITS Culpeper Winston National belonged to Dorothy Douglas S & L Elite.

$5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix

Samantha Schaefer rode her own Classified to a $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix win on Saturday with impressive scores of 89 and 91. Schaefer left round one in the top spot and her anchor position in the second round allowed her to keep a close watch on her competition.  Cruising through the course, she remained the favorite with a total score of 180 to secure the blue ribbon and a $1,500 check.

Tracey Fenney and MTM Nestle, owned by MTM Farm, placed second with scores of 85 and 85, followed by Schaefer on her own second entry of the day, Hashtag, with scores of 84 and 84.5. Spirit, owned by ES Equine Broker, led Emily Simon to scores of 83.5 and 82.5 to claim the fourth place spot, just ahead of Winn Alden and Cindy Bohn’s Calipo 39 in fifth with scores of 81 and 84.  
Place Horse Owner Rider Prize Rd. 1/2 Total
1 Classified Samantha Schaefer Samantha Schaefer $1,500 89/91 180
2 MTM Nestle  MTM Farm Tracy Fenney $1,000 85/85 170
3 Hashtag Samantha Schaefer Samantha Schaefer $700 84/84.5 168.5
4 Spirit ES Equine Broker Emily Simon $500 83.5/82.5 166
5 Calipo 39   Cindy Bohn Winn Alden $400 81/84 165
6 Just Sayin Fairfield Farms LLC Ashton Alexander $350 82/82 164
7 Indulgence Powerstone Farm LLC Caitlin Lane $300 80/81 161
8 Northstar CeCe Williamson Grace Blum $250 79/80 159

Samantha Schaefer and Classified dominate the $5,000 Devoucoux Hunter Prix at HITS Culpeper Winston National. 

$1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix

Poetic Justis, piloted by owner Brook Cole, of Rockville, Virginia, went home a winner on Saturday after claiming the $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix with scores of 83 and 80, for a grand total of 163. Going into round two the pair was second on the leader-board, trailing by just one point, so the top spot was still anybody’s game.  The final round was a challenge for some who received scores in the low 70s, but Cole, who went eighth, made the course look like a breeze, finishing a full two points higher than second place finisher Kathryn Maginnis aboard City Smarts, owned by David Di Pietro, who received scores of 78 and 83.

With scores of 72 and 80, Jennifer Quigley and Jillian Gillbride’s Unanimous placed third, while fourth place went to Linda Gordon and her own Qui-Tam with scores of 76 and 74 and fifth went to Sidney Jefferson and her own Socialite with scores of 84 and 65. 
Place Horse Owner Rider Prize Rd. 1/2 Total
1 Poetic Justis  Brooke Cole Brooke Cole $450 83/80 163
2 City Smarts David Di Pietro Kathryn Maginnis $300 78/83 161
3 Unanimous Jillian Gillbride Jillian Gillbride $200 72/80 152
4 Qui-Tam Linda Gordon Linda Gordon $150 76/74 150
5 Socialite  Sidney Jefferson Sidney Jefferson $125 84/65 149
6 Zeus Patricia Walton Victoria Walton $100 75/68 143
8 Gallway Brittany Malley Lowe Brittany Malley Lowe $75 35/82 117
9 Tres Bien Janet Vanderslice Janet Vanderslice 0 60/70 130

Brook Cole and Poetic Justis receive top honors in the $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix at HITS Culpeper Winston National. 
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