The HITS Chicago Showplace Summertime Series is a Wrap

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Derbies, Championships, and Grand Prix! Oh My!
The Showplace Summertime Series is a Wrap at HITS Chicago

The HITS Chicago Showplace Summertime Series is a wrap with excitement extending from USHJA Derbies and USHJA Zone Hunter and Jumper Team Championships to the Grand Prix.  Showplace Summertime III was an exciting week for all, with beautiful weather, tri-color ribbons, and gold medals won. Check out all the featured class winners here!

Featured jumper competition kicked off with the $5,000 Johnson Horse Transportation Open Welcome in the Grand Prix Stadium on Wednesday. Starting the week off with a victory was Summer Hill for her ride aboard LASCO 29 in a time of 39.800.

2nd Place: Lisa Goldman-Smolen & BENGTSSON VDL (41.904)
3rd Place: Kim Barone & FIDDY CENT
Taylor Flury joined the Winner’s Circle on Friday in the $5,000 HITS Open Jumper Prix for her ride aboard CARRASCA Z. As a speed class, Flury secured the blue ribbon with the fastest time, 59.262.

2nd Place: Goldman-Smolen & HINDSIGHT (61.963)
3rd Place: Ryan Sassmannshausen & BABAR (64.008)
Claiming the blue ribbon in the $5,000 Marshall & Sterling Jumper Classic was Dorothy Douglasand MTM CLARITY in a time of 42.302.

2nd Place: Sassmannshausen & BABAR (45.338)
3rd Place: Amanda Flint & IRVINGTON VDL (46.226)

The HITS Chicago Showplace Summertime Series came to a close with a sunrise Grand Prix on Sunday morning. Taking home the first place ribbon and lion’s share of the prize money was Goldman-Smolen aboard SOVEREIGN in a time of 34.535.

2nd Place: Douglas & MTM THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (34.584)
3rd Place: Hill & LIGHT SHOW (35.207)
In the Main hunter Ring, Janine Weatherby and TIMELESS took home top honors in the $2,500 Devoucoux Hunter Prix. Scores of 82 and 81 for a total of 163 secured the blue ribbon title for Weatherby.

2nd Place: Nina Hugi & TED E. BEAR (157)
3rd Place: Kathleen Caya & ZORRO (150)

Weatherby and TIMELESS were awarded the blue ribbon in the $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby, once again rising victorious. A score of 84 in the first round and a 90 in the second round tallies to an overall score of 174 and the blue ribbon.

2nd Place: Caya & JUST KIDDING (166)
3rd Place: Mackenzie Cianciolo & G-STAR (165)

Featured hunter competition came to a close in the Main Hunter Ring Saturday evening with the $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby as Douglas and MTM EXCEPTIONAL were named the Champions. With scores of 180 and 195 in each of the respective rounds, a total score of 375 secured the victory.

2nd Place: Sassmannshausen & POETIC (353)
3rd Place: Dan Urban & COUSTEAUX (352)
With the Summer Series at HITS Chicago a wrap, be sure to check the qualifying points at and nominate your green hunter for the HITS Championship! The Stal Hendrix Green Hunter Futurity guarantees $25,000 in prize money PLUS all nominating fees! The HITS Championship is held annually during Week VIII of the HITS Saugerties Series.
The USHJA National Hunter Derby counts as a qualifying class for Junior and Amateur riders towards the Platinum Performance Hunter Prix Finals and the Devoucoux Hunter Prix is a qualifying class for the Diamond Mills Hunter Prix Finals. Both Hunter Prix Finals are also held at the HITS Championship. For more information, please visit the HITS Championship page.
USHJA Zone 5 & 6 Championships
Alongside the regularly scheduled competition were the USHJA Zone 5 & 6 Hunter and Jumper Championships. Riders who qualified joined us for four days of individual and team competition, all on the hunt for the gold medal and Champion title. There were six sections of Championships offered at HITS Chicago this year, including the Children’s 1.10/1.15m Jumpers, Adult 1.10/1.15m Jumpers, Junior/Amateur 1.20/1.30 Jumpers, the all new Platinum 1.40m Jumpers, and the Children’s and Adult Hunters. Within each discipline riders are placed on a team of three or four to ride for Team Champion titles as well as Individual Medals.

Children's 1.10/1.15m Jumpers
Team Competition
Team Clinta won the Children's 1.10/1.15m Jumper Team Championships with just 6 faults over the two rounds of competition. Team Clinta, from Zone V, included Annabella Harold & UPSILOS VIDA, Savannah Embly & MISTER CASH VAN DER VELDMOLEN, Erica Halstead & BLU SANVALOU, and Adeline Pavlin & RAGAZZO CARINO.

Silver: Team Gem Twist - Kate Boshold & RODRIGO'S BIANCA, Riley Malina & RIVERRUN, Madison O'Meara & LAPAGINA, and Alexis Ortiz & BUENOS AIRES (9 Total Faults)
Bronze: Team Sapphire - Sydney Lin & LADY BIRD, Anna Spitzer & ESPARTA, Skyler Hendricks & THE COUNTESS, and Rebecca Gutstein & DIEGO VD ENDEPOEL (12 Total Faults)

Individual Competition
Boshold & RODRIGO'S BIANCA rose to the top in the battle for the gold medal in the individual competition after having clear rounds in each of the qualifying classes. Boshold secured the gold medal in with a clean jump-off for the tie breaker in 36.264.

Silver: Halstead & BLU SANVALOU (0 Faults, 4 Faults & 35.953 in the Jump-Off)
Bronze: Pavlin & RAGAZZO CARINO (4 Faults)
Adult 1.10/1.15m Jumpers
Team Competition
The gold medals in the Adult 1.10/1.15m Jumper Team Championships were awarded to the members of Team Carollo from Zone V. Samantha Hill & FINNLEY 5, Christopher Ferralez & CUBSCOUT BG, Lindsey Russell & RUSLAN were victorious with just 8 Faults accumulated across the two rounds of Team Competition.

Silver: Team Goldika 559 - Alison Flury & ROLE MODEL, Claire Stockared & CANTURADA SECONDA, and Kaitlin Gilbert & INNOVATION (28 Total Faults)
Bronze: Team Hot Shots - Anne Meyer & STELLA LUNA, Maya Lovdal & SMART COVER, and Sierra Osborne & ARCADIA'S FURY (52 Total Faults)

Individual Competition
A. Flury claimed the gold medal in the individual competition as the only rider to complete all four rounds of individual competition fault free.

Silver: Russell & RUSLAN (4 Total Faults, 0 Faults & 33.756 in the Jump-Off)
Bronze: Ferralez & CUBSCOUT BG (4 Total Faults, 4 Faults & 36.128 in the Jump-Off)

Junior/Amateur 1.20/1.30m Competition

Individual Competition
Competition was tough in the Junior/Amateur 1.20/1.30m Individual Jumper Championships. Three would go head to head to jump-off for the medal positions, all going into the jump-off with just four faults in all of the rounds of competition. Only one rose victorious, Madelyn Cardelli & CHASINTA, securing the gold medal with a clean jump-off in 34.658.

Silver: Natalie Schaffer & ROYAL DESCENT (4 Faults, 32.318)
Bronze: Raquel Scharyj & ARTIFLEX R (4 Faults, 32.438)

Platinum 1.40m Jumper Championships
Team Competition
The team made up of Goldman-Smolen & HINDSIGHT, Adeline Rohrbach & VALLADAM, and T. Flury & CALANO Z took the gold in the Platinum Team Jumper Championships. This team rode to victory with only 8 faults in the two rounds of competition.

Silver: Barone & CACENTO, Stefanie Shaw & CONTESSA, and Hill & LIGHT SHOW (28 Total Faults)
Bronze: Weatherby & DERRINGER, Sarah Korenthal & LEGACY B, and Katie Leverick & CATCH ME 52 (52 Total Faults)
Individual Competition
Goldman-Smolen & HINDSIGHT would deliver the only fault free ride over all four rounds of individual competition to take first place and the gold medal in the Platinum Jumper Championships.

Silver: Hill & LIGHT SHOW (4 Faults)
Bronze: Flury & CALANO Z (16 Faults)

Children's Hunter Championships
Team Competition
The Lime Team took home the gold medals in the team competition with a total of 1,117 points, which consisted of an under saddle and two hunter classic rounds. On the Lime Team was Olivia Barkell & SKYFALL, Brooke Tegtmeyer & BLUE, Natalie Bertoglio & CRACKER JACK Z, and Elizabeth Klein & EXCLUSIVE.

Silver: The Pink Team - Dayna Pochron & O'RION, Lily Forney & ATLAS PEAK, and Carly Haimerl & EUPHORIC (1,112 Points)
Bronze: The White Team - Hannah Reed & FISCHER, Chloe Rogers & MISS MAGOO, and Grace Griffin & FOREST (1,056.5 Points)

Individual Competition
Pochron & O'RION claimed the gold medal in the Individual Children's Hunter Championships with a total of 417 points. 

Silver: Griffin & FOREST (415.5)
Bronze: Forney & ATLAS PEAK (405)
Adult Hunter Championships
Team Competition
Taking home the gold medals in the Adult Hunter Team Championships was the Purple Team which included Lindsay Vail & GATSBY, Sharon Golden & CORDIARADO, and Osborne & DOUBLE CLEAR'S FLAT SEXY. The Purple Team had the highest points earned over the three rounds of competition at 1,113.

Silver: The Orage Team - Jessica Bertoglio & IVAN, Maeve O'Sullivan & RIGOLETTO, and Ashley Abbruzzi & FINESSE (1,046 Points)
Bronze: The Red Team - Jessica Brosche & ASTAIRE, Donna Struve & SABRINA, and Leea Bridgeman & CARLOTTA (985 Points)

Individual Competition
Golden & CORDIARADO took home the victory in the individual competition with a cumulitive score of 406.

Silver: Abbruzzi & FINESSE (388 Points)
Bronze: Bridgeman & CARLOTTA (386)
We look forward to more fun and excitement at HITS Chicago this fall for the Showplace Fall Classic featuring the NCEA Junior Hunt Seat Medal Finals, Marshall & Sterling Midwest Finals, and IHJA Medal Finals. Stay up to date with all the HITS Happenings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and at!

Showplace Fall Classic
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